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Get Interview-Ready With Aina’s Exclusive Interview Coaching Program

Don’t leave your interviews to chance. An interview is a high-pressure, nerve-wracking time. Through Aina’s interview coaching, you will be able to prepare thoroughly for your upcoming interview and ace the interview day with confidence and a smile.

Coaching programs are divided into three phases
    With just two one-one sessions of Interview Coaching, you will be able to:


Having helped many individuals win their dream jobs through Interview Coaching and Career Guidance, Aina comes with experience on how to handle a job interview with ease and confidence. Her tips on answering behavioural and case-based interview questions will help you be fully prepared for the interview day with grace and confidence.

Let’s face it. Nailing your interview is an art form. Interviews are hard, and a wrong word can make all the difference. You need to be polite, inquisitive, attentive, enthusiastic even while facing the most stressful question. Aina is a world-class interview coach who offers face-to-face aptitude and attitude coaching and training designed to maximise candidates’ performance and increase your chance to win your Dream Job!

Get the pro interview tips from the best career coach in Dubai. Nail your interview. Hail your Dream Job!

Life & Career Coaching by Aina Raj

Get the Top-Notch Life and Career Coaching Services from an ICF Certified PCC Career Coach in Dubai, UAE

Welcome to Transforming Minds, the holistic coaching platform. I’m Aina Raj, ICF certified PCC life & career coach in Dubai, UAE.

As a professional career coach , Aina empowers ambitious individuals who feel stuck or confused in different phases of their career to choose and progress in a career path they are passionate about while finding a healthy balance between life, relationships, work, and social commitments.


As an executive life coach, Aina helps women and men to find more clarity and purpose in life, encourage positive thinking and manage negativity, and work on overall personal development to achieve happiness and fulfilment in life. As a trained NLP practitioner and Life Coach in Dubai, Aina uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques to bring positive and impactful behavioural changes to individuals.

The approach

Personal Life Coaching and Professional Career Coaching can’t be separated into two different boxes. The reason being if you are not happy at work, it will affect your family life and vice versa. So Aina chose a holistic approach to extend the best life and career coaching in Dubai and empower her clients to achieve happiness, fulfilment, and success.

Coaching programs are divided into three phases

Each phase would be facilitated with the help of customised coaching tools, strategies, and methodologies based on the needs of the individual client.

Choose your personalised career coach in Dubai today!

Looking for the Best Career Coaching Services in Dubai?

Here is how Aina can help you

Aina is an Experienced and Expert Career Coach based in Dubai. She has coached individuals from different walks of life by empowering them to discover their true inner calling by helping them overcome their limiting beliefs. She has been offering the best in market life and career coaching services in Dubai.

So if your self-limiting beliefs are stopping you from taking action and moving forward, coaching can help you think with greater clarity, focus on priorities and take firm decisions with
confidence and self-assurance.

“I have realized that, what stops an individual to achieve his/her true potential is a set of self-limiting beliefs or established thought patterns that one has developed over the years. Constructive feedback that I get from my clients often is that, I help them break these thought patterns, open them up to a fresh perspective and new set of possibilities that would inspire and motivate them to go ahead and pursue their dreams.”

– Aina Raj

Note: Transforming Minds is an inspiring initiative launched with the aim to inspire people to reach their true potential through coaching and personal development. Today through online and face to face consultation we offer different services like personal life coaching, career coaching, resume building, interview tips and techniques, effective communication and persuasion skills training and mindfulness and wellness workshops.

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Coaching sessions are based on packages, varying from 4 sessions, 8 sessions or 12 sessions. Coaching sessions are conducted virtually or face to face per week. Rates for career coaching will vary depending on the experience and expertise of the coach. Career coaching starts from 500 AED per session. Executive Career Coaching starts at 800 AED per session. A career coach helps in planning and executing well-defined goals to pursue your dream career or job.

A career counselor advises the clients on choosing the right career path that aligns with an individual’s career values and strengths. A career counselor in Dubai would help the client evaluate the job market and hottest jobs in the Dubai market and also help you throughout the job interview process.

Dubai is often chosen as the preferred land for continuing higher education after school or graduation. Dubai offers some of the best courses in Arts, Science, Analytics, Engineering, Psychology, Literature, Management via its international universities recognized all over the world. Students can seek career guidance from a career counselor in Dubai for choosing the right career aligned to an individual’s likes, strengths and market demand. A career counselor helps students to evaluate best colleges and universities around the world and choose the right one that suits their skill set.

Dubai is a very dynamic job market. Choosing the right job or evaluating the right career and job offer for you can be confusing. A career coach will help you by making this easy. She will partner with you through your job search, right from enriching your Linkedin Profile, reaching out to recruiters, and preparing for job interview to salary negotiations.

Tmindscoaching is one of the best rated top career coaching firms based in Dubai which provides best-in-class tools and a personalized approach to coaching. Be it Career coaching for managers or Executive career coaching for senior leaders, Tmindscoaching offers a unique and customized approach to help reach one’s true potential.

Career Coaching is a thought-provoking process that helps an individual to gain more clarity in terms of their career goals, assess skills and strengths better, evaluate market opportunities and arrive at a meaningful long-term promising career. Through career coaching one discovers their own set of values and underlying beliefs and uses this insight to make life-changing career decisions.

By choosing the best career coach in Dubai, UAE you can:

  • Identify and choose a fulfilling career for long term
  • Excel at your current job
  • Build an attractive resume and Linkedin Profile
  • Ace job interviews and salary negotiation
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence and handle workplace communication better

The first coaching session should ideally be a chemistry call to check your compatibility with the coach. The client explains his objectives and the coach gives a walk-through of the career coaching process and progression. The number of sessions and charges are also discussed based on the needs of the clients. First coaching sessions are online or face to face depending upon the convenience

Aina’s unique coaching methodology using elements from ICF coaching competencies, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence approaches every individual from a holistic perspective and provides a customized methodology to address each individual’s challenges and obstacles and empower them to realize their true potential. Through a set of coaching tools and personalized brain exercises, the individual is able to discover his inner strengths, and limitations and explore and find a fulfilling career path.

Aina comes with 8 years of experience in a corporate career in sales and marketing. She is a global coach worked with over 45 clients across the world in countries like US, London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Hongkong and Europe. She has helped millennials and senior leaders through their career transition and finding their true calling. She has a unique holistic framework to coaching which has helped clients reach their career goals with clarity and purpose.

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