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Professional Interview Coach In Dubai

Do you want to get into your dream company but are finding it difficult to prepare for the interview? Avail the benefit of best interview coaching services in Dubai with our interview preparation coaching program. It will prepare you to excel in job interviews by honing your communication skills, confidence, and presentation. You will get 1-1 coaching sessions which will prepare you for all the strategies required to ace your interviews.

Here’s what all you will get as part of this program:

Initial Assessment

One of the most important things required to ace any interview is your sense of self awareness. As part of this interview coaching, you will be able to identify your strengths, weaknesses. You will also be able to identify your areas of improvement based on recurring patterns and challenges based on your past interview experiences. 

1-1 Coaching Sessions

You will also get tailored job interview coaching that will enable you to work on skills such as communication, body language, storytelling and confidence building. Our interview coach will also conduct simulated mock interviews to assess performance and provide valuable feedback.

Personal Branding and Preparation

This professional interview coaching will help you in working on your personal brand. Our certified interview coach will offer guidance in building an ATS-friendly resume and cover letters to align with job requirements. You will also be assisted in creating a compelling self-introduction for interviews.

Mock Interviews and Feedback

As part of this program you will have access to multiple mock interview sessions. This interview coaching online will prepare you for real-life business situations and behavioural interviews with proven STAR Framework. Our interview coach Dubai will provide constructive feedback on responses, body language, and overall performance.

Interview Strategies

Our interview coach Dubai will share insights into industry-specific interview trends and expectations along with tips and tricks to handle challenging or unexpected interview questions pertaining to Career Gap, Salary Negotiation, Job Role change etc, confidently and strategically. 

Post-Interview Guidance

Last, but not the least you will also get some post interview guidance as part of our executive interview coaching. You will receive guidance on post-interview etiquette, including thank-you notes and follow-up emails along with debriefing sessions where you can discuss interview experiences and learn from them.


  • Improved interview performance and confidence
  • Enhanced communication and presentation skills
  • Increased success rate in securing job offers
  • Better understanding of industry-specific interview nuances

Why Work With Aina?

Aina is a passionate and equally compassionate life and career coach who has worked with professionals working at various executive and leadership positions in prestigious organizations across Dubai and Middle East like KPMG, HSBC, Salesforce, etc. With coaching and career guidance (wherever necessary), they were able to become more self-aware, revisit and evaluate priorities, identify career development areas and come up with SMART goals and get support in executing the plan. She has more than 200 hours of formal coaching experience with certifications from the International Coach Federation ICF, Coach Transformation Academy CTA, and NLP Centre of Excellence. As an experienced career coach, Aina helps you achieve your career goals and aspirations through a systematically planned approach and goal setting.

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