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Best Career Coaching Services in Dubai, UAE

Aina Raj best career coach in dubai

Looking for the Best Career Coach in Dubai, UAE? Executive Career Coach Aina Raj helps ambitious individuals achieve career fulfillment and growth through effective coaching.

Aina Raj best career coach in dubai

Questions you should ask yourself before hiring a career coach

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, career coaching will help you find answers and empower you to perform at your best.


If you are a working professional, Career Coaching can help you to

As a certified life and career coach, Aina offers executive career coaching services in Dubai, UAE, and online career guidance sessions across the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar.

How Can I Benefit From Career Coaching?



The role of a career coach is to ask relevant questions, challenge your assumptions and give you a fresh perspective to your thinking process. Aina’s unique coaching methodology involves three stages:

Discovery phase- This phase involves looking deeper into your inner self, becoming aware of your vulnerabilities and non-obvious. This phase is designed with QnA sessions, self-assessments, psychometric and personality tests to help you realize “As-Is” and question underlying self-limiting beliefs.

Self-Reflection phase– This phase involves the “outside-in” approach to realize how your thoughts and attitude are impacting yourself and others around you. Elements of Emotional Intelligence and NLP techniques are applied wherever required to give a birds-eye view or look at the bigger picture.

Continuous Progress– Many top career coaches in Dubai offer 8 sessions or 3-month coaching packages. With continuous progress, Aina aims to offers full support, encouragement, and motivation to achieve your goals as per plan. This would be ensured with monthly or quarterly check-in after the completion of mutually agreed coaching sessions to ensure you are on the right track.

Why Work With Aina?

Aina is a passionate and equally compassionate life and career coach who has worked with professionals working at various executive and leadership positions in prestigious organizations across Dubai and Middle East like KPMG, HSBC, Salesforce, etc. With coaching and career guidance (wherever necessary), they were able to become more self-aware, revisit and evaluate priorities, identify career development areas and come up with SMART goals and get support in executing the plan. She has more than 200 hours of formal coaching experience with certifications from the International Coach Federation ICF, Coach Transformation Academy CTA, and NLP Centre of Excellence. As an experienced career coach, Aina helps you achieve your career goals and aspirations through a systematically planned approach and goal setting.