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Business Coaching is an highly effective career coaching program designed and delivered in Dubai, UAE for ambitious entreprenuers and small business owners looking for better focus, clarity and structure in devising an executing an optimized strategy business plan.

If you are an entreprenuer starting a new business, individual transitioning from corporate career role to starting something new, or a working professional trying to set up a sustainable passive income, Business and Entrepreneur Coaching can help you realize your dreams by helping you set and achieve realistic Goals via a systematic approach.

What to Expect from Business Coaching?

Business & Entrepreneur Coaching can help you

Business Coaching program will help you prioritize and focus on what really matters. You will no longer stress on to-do lists but focus with greater clarity on lasting impacts and significant results.

If you have underestimated what you can become in the next ten years, you need to rethink your strategy and starting investing in yourself right now. The money, time and energy you invest in yourself today will be insignificant in the long term but the decisions, actions and choices you make will redefine the purpose of your life and take you few steps closer to your destiny.”- Aina Raj


Most business coaches are entrepreneurs who have been there before and can help you learn from their past decisions and failures. A business coach can help you give clarity and focus on your vision and mission statements and help you planning your business by assessing it’s strengths and opportunities. A business coach with experience in your industry can also be your mentor and trusted advisor.

Professional coaches work with employees individually or in groups to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. For younger businesses that are looking to join a Mastermind community of driven entrepreneurs, the investment will begin from $500/month. For the 1:1 coaching options, you’re going to be investing between $2500 – $11,000/month, depending on which program is right for you.

Professional Business coaches work with employees individually or in groups to help them identify their strengths and challenges. Dubai business coach helps clients clarify their goals, identify their purpose, and gain insight into their motivations and beliefs.

Coaching encourages communication, reflection, and self-correction. This empowers your employees to be more independent and take control of their work. Business coaching in Dubai helps you develop a more confident and motivated workforce, as people believe they have the right skills to perform.

Tmindscoaching will help you define your goals, pinpoint the barriers that are holding you back and devise strategies to conquer every hurdle. With such strategies, they focus on your individual talents and strengths.

A business coach is someone who helps a business person achieve their goals. Business coaches in the UAE can help clients develop leadership skills, improve their mindset, and create business strategies.

Better time management. Better communication between Managers and their teams. Better conflict management. Healthier team-working and working relationships.

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You can expect to receive guidance and support from us. We can help you with any aspect of your business, and we will also support you in overcoming any obstacles. We use a blend of emotional intelligence, NLP, story-telling and other executive coaching tools and strategies to provide a safe environment for executives to explore their deeper self and get closer to their inner purpose.

As an organization providing Business Coaching services in Dubai and across the world for the past five years, we have coached and trained entrepreneurs, small business owners and start-up founders based in Dubai and Middle East. We provide holistic individual and team business coaching experiences.

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