5 Reasons for rejection at Job Interviews

In my career span over a decade, I applied for several jobs and got interviewed by few of them. While Applications got rejected mostly due to language constraints in global roles, here are 5 Cs, lack of which caused failure at job interviews. 


Reasons for rejection at Job

 Demonstrating the ability to convince someone what you believe in, within 45 min. Most job descriptions I applied to did not match my profile 100%. This gave me jitters, often struggling to convince and trying hard to prove how I’m a 100% fit. 

Lesson learned

Instead of judging and doubting yourself, say whatever you have to say with conviction and let the employer decide the fit. 


Reasons for rejection at Job

 Demonstrating past achievements and showing the potential to win in future. After every failed interview my confidence level would drop significantly, negatively impacting my future interviews. One thing that helped me break this loop and get a fresh outlook was when I started rephrasing sentences in my head like this: “they need me more than I need them because 1, 2, 3….”

Lesson learned

 You may be going through hell and feeling all time low, but that doesn’t give you a pass to screw up during show time. Somehow figure out a way to bring out your confident self during the 45min window. 


Reasons for rejection at Job

Demonstrating the ability to adapt well and deliver quick results. Especially true for startups where no one has the time to babysit and slow down to match your pace. Your resume may be filled with accolades and recognitions, it’s not relevant if it’s not useful to them. 

Lesson learned

 Competence is all about what you have done in life that is useful and how quickly you can turn yourself from a cost centre to a profit centre. 


Reasons for rejection at Job

Generally speaking, Europe as a nation is high on teamwork, communication and collaboration. Also a significant part of culture fit which I discuss next. Showing the ability to work effectively in teams and working towards a collective goal is a major deal maker or breaker if it goes wrong. 

Lesson Learned

 This one can be a deal breaker if not done right. This is all about showing how you stand out while blending in without overshadowing the achievements of others. 

Culture Fit

Reasons for rejection at Job

 Europe is very diverse with varied cultural practices even between neighbouring countries. Culture fit is a two way street. An interview is an opportunity for you to assess how the workplace aligns with your values and working style while the employer is evaluating if you are an ideal fit. Culture fit is all about adapting to the ways of working like, team collaboration, work life balance, communication and winning trust. 

Lesson learned

 If you get rejected due to culture fit, it’s a good thing because culture fit is a two way street and without this you wouldn’t thrive anyway. 


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