How to Build Your Personal Brand at Work?

Building a personal branding at work is essential in a career where it’s not only about the job, but how you represent yourself. Imagine being able to influence your colleagues with the same influence as a popular social media personality, without having them follow you on Instagram. A strong personal brand can have this kind of influence.

It can take a lot of time and effort to build your personal brand, especially when you are fully involved in the job. The challenge of personal branding is magnified for younger professionals, who have just begun their career. The question is: how do you begin this journey? Integrating your brand with your work is the key.

Craft Your Unique Identity

How to Build Your Personal Brand at Work

It’s very easy in a corporate setting to lose yourself within the culture of the company, and to blend your personal brand seamlessly into the identity of the organization. To build your own personal brand you must identify three key elements.

a. Uniqueness : The uniqueness of your perspective is shaped by the life experiences you have had, as well as culture, belief, and background. What is the impact of your identity on your perceptions about your life and work? You are stronger because of your differences.

b. Values: For what do you stand? What are the global and local issues that resonate with you? What are your causes? What are your values?

c. Contributions: What unique skills or insights can you offer based on your expertise and background? You can still be valuable even if you are not an expert.

Your personal brand is made up of three components.

If you are a tech-lover with an international background and are passionate about equal opportunity, then you can create a unique brand. You can create a unique identity by combining your values and experience.

Alignment with organizational goals

How to Build Your Personal Brand at Work

After you have defined your personal brand, make sure it is aligned with the work that you do. Find opportunities in your projects to align your brand with what you do. Explore your company’s initiatives such as diversity, equity and inclusion or sustainability if none is apparent. You can achieve a win/win by aligning yourself with the goals of your company.

Build a Network of Support

How to Build Your Personal Brand at Work

It’s impossible to do everything alone. Find colleagues with similar values and interests. Join them for an exchange of ideas and inspiration. You can also refine your brand by connecting with others. Consider joining an Employee Resource Group (ERG) if you are passionate about creating a workplace that is more inclusive. Find existing groups to join or create your own. Share your ideas and values with colleagues who share your views.

Create Your Story and Share It

How to Build Your Personal Brand at Work

Sharing your story is essential to building your brand. Your window into the world is content creation. Dedicate some time to creating and sharing content that represents your brand. Share posts and articles that reflect your brand and values. As you progress, become a creator of content instead of a consumer. You can write articles, post videos, or create social media posts on topics that are dear to you. Feedback, positive or negative, can be a great tool to help refine your brand and improve it.

The Bottom Line

You may be given the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise as your brand develops by giving a speech at an event or meeting. It is an opportunity to develop new content that will reinforce your personal brand and contribute to the organization. Personal branding should be a part of every day work. Your personal brand will grow as you become more and more adept at it. Don’t delay, start creating your own unique identity at work today. You’ll be glad you did.

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