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life is a journey

For most of us, half of our lifetime is invested in figuring out the destination.Once we figure out where we want to reach, then comes planning the journey.

About Transforming Minds

Life is a journey. A journey filled with roles, responsibilities, commitments, goals and dreams. Along the journey, you may encounter hurdles that appear immovable, routes that may be confusing, the pressure of reaching the destination that may be worrying. Is there a way to reach your destination while making your journey enjoyable?

Absolutely! Transforming Minds aims to enrich your life’s journey with enjoyment by riding through a path of self-discovery, transforming and empowering you to achieve your dreams and goals.

My purpose is to deliver world-class coaching services that help you find your answers on how to overcome mental obstacles, gain more clarity and move forward.

I believe that the journey is as important as the destination. It’s my mission to empower you to be the person you want to be and reach your true potential. Through a personalized 1-1 coaching process, I understand what you aspire for, help you articulate and pen down your ambitions, translate these into tangible goals and build an action plan to achieve the same.

I believe that you are the master of your own life and a little nudge can enable you to discover answers to all confusing questions in life. With answers, intent and accountability, no force can stop you from being your ideal self. I’m passionate about making you unstoppable.

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To empower people to achieve greater success and happiness in life.


To empower people to navigate their life’s journey with clarity, confidence and enjoyment.



An unflinching determination to create positive impact in client’s life.


Displaying utmost honesty to the client in all circumstances


Being true to oneself


Understanding others perspectives and being non-judgemental about their values and beliefs.


Unconditional positive regard to every individual


To achieve world class coaching standards and unparalleled client experience

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About the Founder

I’m an engineer turned management professional by design and coach by choice. Little did I know about passion and purpose until coaching found me. Though serendipitous, this chosen path brings the best out of me and there is nothing I would do to make a living other than coaching and inspiring people. Read my full story here

Some say coaching is problem-solving. So is counseling, healing and therapy. One thing I have learned along this journey is that coaching has a greater purpose than mere problem-solving. It works wonders for people who are dreamers and achievers. It is for people looking for greater success and happiness in life and a highly impactful career span. It is for people who think beyond. It’s for those who play to WIN. To coach them to WIN is the mission of my life.

Transforming Minds is an idea born out of pure passion, commitment and excitement. I take pride in working with high potential individuals to realize their dreams by helping them design and execute an action plan to overcome challenges and limiting beliefs and achieve greater success and happiness in life.

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