How to benefit from career coaching?

Hiring a career coach can benefit you in different phases of your career. Most of us really don’t have the luxury to think about what career to choose when we graduate from college. We pick up the first offer we get. It’s only after 3-4 years of enjoying the newfound economic independence we start questioning the “purpose”. In the early stages of your career, a career coach can help you evaluate different career options available, career path and market trends for these options. A coach can help you discover your innate talents, asses your skills & interests and align you to a suitable career option. However, at this stage finding a mentor in the area that you are willing to explore is highly recommended. 

The Thirties is when we are finally “settled” with family, own a car and a house. Some of us are lucky enough to have a healthy work-life balance, growth, steady-state of income and job security. We get too comfortable with that lifestyle that we start contemplating “Is this what we really want?”

Most of the time, dreams remain as dreams as we think it’s too late to take a U-turn or switch careers or start something new. Also comes the fear of failure. “What if this doesn’t work out?”
This is a common question in mind. At this stage partnering with someone who is non-judgemental and unbiased can get you a new and fresh perspective. A career coach can help you bring in more clarity and purpose in your decision making. A coach will hold you accountable for your dreams, help remove hurdles that keep you from moving forward and make sure you stay committed to your goals. What are your life’s principles? Do they align with the work culture of the company? What are your work-related values? Are these values compromised in your current job? These are some questions that a career coach will dwell upon to help you gain more clarity and focus.

Today people want to retire at forty, especially in a developed country like the UAE (United Arab Emirates). They work so hard until 40 to accumulate all the wealth they can so that they can be flexible with the type of projects they choose in terms of time and effort.  Most of them choose to be consultants or advisors to boutique firms that are relevant to their area of expertise. Some may continue in the workforce, they may not have the pressure to perform as they have already proven themselves. They are very likely to experience a “saturation” in their career growth and a very valid question that keeps lingering on is “What next?”

Whether you decide to become an entrepreneur or freelance consultant or writer or speaker, venturing into an entirely new territory can seem daunting. A career coach can support you in pivoting your career. At forty you already know what you want, all you need is a little nudge or motivation to keep moving forward. A coach creates a safe environment for you to sit and think clearly, structure your thoughts, redefine your career path and rebrand yourself.

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