Why Treadmills still remain as cloth dryers?

Remember that cliched new year resolution to lose weight? You must have grabbed the deal at the nearby gym 50% off on 1-year subscription.. 1 year is a safe period. I mean there is 1 full year to start. Fast forward August 2019. Interested in a reality check anyone? 

I have lost count of personal trainers and nutritionists I have consulted for weight loss. You see, I was a fat kid and I still remember the day I implored my mom to buy a cycle I saw at an exhibition 15 years back. Today, it qualifies as the most valuable, untouched antique piece at our home. 

I remember losing weight the hard way only twice in my life, without crash diets, pills and going insane; with commitment, drive and a self-imposed deadline. For my wedding and for conceiving. 1. I badly wanted to look good and 2. We decided to have a baby (which was difficult due to PCOD). There you have it. My 2 powerful ‘whys’ that motivated me to do what I did. 

The ‘why’ of your goal is as important if not more than the ‘how’. 

Just think about it. What was the most impressive thing you did in the past, was it because someone asked you to do it or you had a powerful ‘why’ behind it. 

I can have a series of coaching sessions with you, leave you with motivation at the peak, but unless you know why you are doing what you are doing, your actions may seem meaningless and futile. And that my friend is the reason my treadmills still remain as cloth dryers.

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