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Most people think coaching is meant for problem-solving. That means if you don’t have a problem, there is no need for coaching. Let me tell you that coaching over the years has proven most effective for leaders and executives at corporates. There is no limit to how much companies are ready to shell out for Executive coaching. They recognize it’s importance and realize that it is an inevitable part of their growth and organizational culture. 

Similarly, for any individual, coaching becomes most effective only when you start looking beyond problem-solving. It is a very futuristic approach which focuses on your personal growth and development. Make no mistake, career growth and personal growth are two different things. Personal growth has little to do with getting promoted every 2 years or changing to a better paying job every 3 years.

Personal growth is a never-ending process where one explores more about oneself through travel, reading, meeting people, creating self-awareness and using these insights to make informed decisions and life choices. It is a wake-up call to act now so as to design a future of your choice.

Now you may think, personal growth is good to have, not a must-have as most of us are very comfortable with our life. We did all the hard work, diligently completed our degrees, now we are finally ‘settled’. We have so much going on, so many chores that the day seems too short, so many bills and loans to pay off that money is never enough. The safe zone is too comfortable, why bother to shake things up? You see, being in your comfort zone is like sailing smoothly in a ship or riding a horse. Only if I were to ask you where you are heading? The answer would be, ‘ask the wind’ or ‘ask the horse’.  Do you see what I’m saying?

Invest in personal growth to find your destination, to plan your journey, to be prepared for bad weather, to anchor your ship and to lead your horse. 

I have invested in personal growth all my life and still continue to do. I cannot imagine a life where I stop learning. The more I grow the more I learn about myself, about others around me and about the world. It is a very rewarding process. 

Use coaching as a tool to aid your personal development. Can you not invest in personal development without spending a penny? Yes, you can. Watch motivational videos for starters. But sadly we live in a world where we don’t value anything that is freely available. 

We only value what is worth losing. So if you are super busy juggling work and life with no time at hand, find the time to spend on personal development. If finances are a constraint, spend money on personal growth. Only when you sacrifice something that is scarce, will you see value in your investment. 

In case you still have qualms regarding investing in yourself…  

When to start investing in personal growth? (Start as soon as possible)

How much to spend?- a significant part of your income that will make you feel accountable. 
When to stop? (it’s a never-ending process that needs to be done on a daily basis. 

So now, plan your future, write down your goals, challenge yourself, get out of that blanket and do something you haven’t done for a long time.

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