How to get what you want? The 5 golden rules of self-discipline

If you ask me what is that one thing that will get you what you want.. it has to be SELF DISCIPLINE. All caps, bold and loud! 

Cannot stress the importance of Self Discipline when we live in a world filled with distractions and temptations. 

Whether it is indulging in a cheesecake or stalking endless hours on Instagram, the choice to set limits and boundaries is ours. 

A similar pattern I have observed in clients I coach is that they absolutely know what they want, the goal has been identified and the plan has been laid out, a long time ago. But they don’t know how to go about it. 

The problem arises when one starts executing the plan. Often times, we are unable to stick to the plan because something else keeps coming up. Most of our immediate goals remain 5-year plans because we do nothing about it. 

We all know how to lose weight. Gym and Exercise. Of course, nothing revolutionary there. But how many of us are capable of losing 10 pounds in a month? We all are, only if we approach it with utmost self-discipline.

Now that we know the ‘what’ let’s address the ‘how’. Let’s say you have a target to lose 10 pounds in a month.. (picking up weight loss as an example because that seems to me like an evergreen problem with multiple solutions but still remains a problem). How to make self-discipline a part of your life to achieve your goals and general happiness and well-being.

5 Golden rules that come in handy:

1. Beware of your temptations.. you see if you like cakes and pastries don’t even dare to walk by cheesecake factory. We all fall for it, so the best approach would be to ignore. ‘Out of sight,  out of mind’ Remember?

2. Accept your weaknesses.. guys please don’t fret over missing a gym day or eating ice cream on a weekend. It’s okay. Accept, acknowledge and move on. Think big, think long term. Self-Discipline should become your way of life slowly and gradually. What matters is whether you are staying on track,  despite the bumps and pits along the road.

3. Anticipate tricky situations.. beware, you are going to see a lot of svelte beach body posts on social media, now that you have decided to lose weight. You are going to compare and feel bad about yourself. You are going to feel that whatever you do you are not going to achieve that! Guys, it’s a fleeting moment, and it will pass. If you anticipate such situations and prepare yourself to face it, it will save you a lot ‘negativity accumulation’ and harming yourself.

4. Appreciate your milestones.. every step counts. Even ignoring and walking by a pretty chocolate soufflé on the table counts. Yes, there is a target but doesn’t it make sense to enjoy the journey along as well? Appreciate those small milestones, like pulling yourself up from the bed on a lazy Sunday and going for a walk. Like eating a healthy salad for a meal. Every step counts. Be proud of yourself for being on track.

5. Most Importantly, Forgive yourself. Worst case scenario if you followed 1-4 to the T and epitomized Self Discipline and still don’t reach your goal, please don’t punish yourself (also please don’t punish me). Sometimes things will not happen the way you want them to be, even if you put all the right inputs. That’s Life. If you must, judge yourself for the inputs rather than the outputs.

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