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Sharing a very dear client’s testimonial here..

“I have been looking for a source of un-biased view and guidance on a lot of things about my work, life, personality, choices, thoughts, etc. This new line of service ‘coaching, mentoring’ till I stumbled on Aina’s post through common friends on Facebook. It was a delight to get on to the call with her, knowing that she will not hesitate to call off my bullshit, which I myself avoid facing a lot of times. To listen to people day in and day out, and yet remain an unbiased observer, not assume the role of a problem solver, not get judgemental is an art of life!

Aina personifies these and other delightful skills with such ease as if she is born to coach. Her approach ‘You solve your hurdles, I will subtly nudge you into possible options by asking questions ‘ is the crux of her strength. 

Her commitment to the client, confidentiality and the drive to add value motivated me to take a more structured approach to my life. I think one needs to be proactive in working on the assignments to extract the maximum value of the sessions with her. Her happy go lucky attitude, shown abundantly in the conversations does wonders to give me a break from my established thought patterns. 

True to her name ‘Aina’ (mirror in Hindi ), she truly acts as a tool of reflection to the client, without adding a tinge of her biases. //Imagine what you will see if the mirror remembers everything that stood in front of it and shows it back to you !!! It stops being a mirror //. You surely have a long way to go Aina…”

-Public Policy Consultant, India

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