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How to make difficult choices in life?

Decision making is becoming harder like never before. We have full access to all the information available in the world to aid decision making. With so much information, it should have been easier and quicker to make smart decisions but we are spoilt by choices every passing day.

Getting married, having a baby, changing a job, sugar or jaggery, eating out or dining in, how much to spend and how much to save, we come across a gazillion number of decisions to make in our daily lives.

Do you find yourself in a space where you are overwhelmed with all the resources needed to make a choice, you keep thinking about all permutations and combinations that you get exhausted at some point and decide to postpone decision making to some other time? You realize that you have been wasting time, being inefficient and unproductive and start to feel depressed about it. Sounds familiar?

Here is a 5 step method to make quicker and smarter decisions.

  1. In this step, write down what your beliefs and values are.
  2. Step one will help you identify the priorities at this point of time.
  3. List down your priorities and give a score from 1-10 based on what is most important to you.
  4. Now make a list of all the options/choices available.
  5. Create a priorities vs choices metric. Compare and rate each option against the priorities..

    Priorities Score on 10

    Option 1

    Option 2

    Work Life Balance (10)



    Opportunity to travel (5)



    Financial freedom (6)



    Total Score



  6. Count the total score and chose the option with the highest score.

Let’s discuss evaluating 2 job offers at the same time.

One offers a very generous package but would need you to relocate from home and long working hours. Another one offers modest package in your home location with decent working hours.

You would choose option 2 if work life balance is your priority at that point in time. If finances tops your priority list, then the choice would be different. You see what I’m saying.. There will be trade-offs and sacrifices to be made, but you will be sure which sacrifices are less painful. This is a simple way to make hard choices in life.

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