How To Negotiate A Higher Salary In Your Job Interview

Many people struggle to ask for a higher salary in job interviews because they are concerned about how HR might perceive them, and it might risk their current job offer.

However, asking for a higher expected salary is not an inherently bad thing, and if done right, you can get the higher salary you expected.

For that, preparation is the key. In this article, let us discuss some tips that help you negotiate a higher salary in your interview.

Tips To Negotiate Higher Salary

Here are the 9 useful tips for negotiating a higher salary by the best career coach of Dubai:

Understand your market value — Demand vs supply

How To Negotiate A Higher Salary In Your Job Interview

Studying general trends about how other companies are paying for your equivalent role would give you a good idea of how much you can ask. Just as the basic principle of economics says that the forces of demand and supply determine the price of a product or service, follow the same.

If your role is critical in the industry and organization whose demand is high yet supply is low, this gives you a window to ask for a higher salary. Though this does not mean that you cannot expect a high salary if the opposite is true.

Understand how can you add value- Qualitative & Quantitative

How to negotiate higher salary

This is a fundamental question for you to answer to yourself. Organizations hire employees so that they will help in carrying out the required tasks and growing further. You need to thoroughly research the organization and form your basis of what you can add to the organization — both qualitatively and also quantitatively.

Think of what is the ROI you generate

How To Negotiate A Higher Salary In Your Job Interview

While this technically comes under the quantitative value you add to the organization, and I wanted to discuss this separately, especially because this is what many organizations consider very important.

Every organization’s one of the main goals — sometimes the only goal is to get money and generate more revenue. Especially when they need to get money to satisfy their investors. So, you have to particularly tell them what return of investment they would get from you.

Do research on statistics regarding your industry. Studying things like the profits of the organization and their spending could give you an idea regarding this. As you might not get the complete detailed information regarding all the spendings and earnings, you don’t need to be completely accurate in this but try to come to a rough figure.

Think how will you justify your ask

How To Negotiate A Higher Salary In Your Job Interview

After knowing how valuable you can be to the organization, it is also equally, if not more important, to think about how you are going to express all the information and justify your end in the interview.

Just as in a normal job interview, you can’t list all your perks and say that you are the best person for the job. Negotiation for a higher salary too just doesn’t involve saying the facts one by one but also various justifications you give for it.

For instance, if you say you have a certain additional skill and working knowledge regarding certain things, Be prepared to talk about your previous projects undertaken and how well they succeed.

Don’t appear desperate

How to negotiate higher salary

You may undoubtedly want a high salary. But showing yourself in a way that you are desperate for it might not be so good. Just as being desperate for a job is sometimes harmful, Being desperate for a higher salary too is the same.

The tone and the way you deliver the information form the key here. Pleading for a high salary or aggressively asking for it are some of the signs that show you are desperate for it.

Be smooth and calm about the issue while talking and appear to be enthusiastic but not desperate.

Ask for more than you want

How to negotiate higher salary

Sometimes, negotiating for a higher salary might resemble bargaining. Instead of quoting the exact salary you want, ask for more.

If your employer is impressed by your skills and wants to retain you, they might try to negotiate and ask you to work for them at a slightly lower salary than you said, which is the exact one you need.

Don’t give a range; quote a number

How To Negotiate A Higher Salary In Your Job Interview

Try not to be uncertain at any point and be confident. When specifying how much salary you want, if you give a range, it might give an idea that you do not know the exact figure you want.

Instead of that, give them a number that is well-grounded, and by doing this, you appear more confident about your salary and skills.

Aim for a win-win on both sides

Negotiate A Higher Salary

All organizations do not have unlimited funds and are constrained by certain budgets. Taking care of your needs is okay, but completely thinking for your sake is wrong.

The proposition you make must not be beneficial for you only, but also for the company. So, make sure you also justify how the organization you are going into will benefit from your proposition. ROI is one thing, but there would be other ways too that you have to figure out and justify to your employer.

Assess how the interview went — Did they like you very well, or are they not quite sure?

How to negotiate higher salary

Assessing and acknowledging how you did a particular thing is very important in improving yourself. The same goes for Interviews. After the interview is over, it is very important to think of how well you did in the interview and how it went.

With this, you will get insights on where you did really well and the things you need to improve. If everything went well, that’s great! However, even if you had done certain things wrong, it is okay. Sometimes you fail, and learning from the failure is the key. 

Never lose any opportunity to tackle the areas of improvement. I provide the best career coaching services in Dubai, and my career coaching services can help you to find your blind spots and fix them with proper guidance. With the right career coach and constant practice, you can nail any job interview.

So, these are some of the top tips to negotiate for a higher salary in a job interview. Go ahead, practice, and implement them. As I said earlier, you can not succeed every time, and it is not wrong to fail. But It is wrong not to learn anything from the failures and keep repeating the same mistakes.

All the best and have a great career ahead!

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