Are you looking for Top-Notch Corporate Coaching in Dubai by Professional Executive Coach in Dubai?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, you are in the right place. Career coaching can help you find success and fulfillment in not only your professional but also your personal life.

Perhaps you may be feeling burnt out in your current position. You may be feeling stuck in your current job but do not have the clarity on what skills are required to transition to a career that you always desired? You may feel undervalued at work and finding it difficult to communicate your needs to your manager.

Our career coaching program will help you get clarity on what is most important for you in your life and career. You will be set on a path of self-discovery, self-reflection and self-awareness. You will become aware of your skills, hidden talents and what you are passionate about.

As your career coach, Aina will help you make informed decisions with focus and clarity to find success and fulfillment in your life. She will help you discover yourself, with a deeper understanding of your values what makes you tick.

With a step by step approach to career coaching you will be able to:

Identify and Choose a Career for the Long term:

  • Discover your unique strengths, identify your skills and talents. Identify your weaknesses and areas for improvement.
  • Discover the purpose of your life. Gain greater clarity and focus on your priorities
  • Identify a fulfilling and enjoyable career for long term

Excel at your current role/ job:

  • Becoming more aware of your and other’s attitudes and behavior by practicing emotional intelligence
  • Improve your business networking and relationship skills
  • Increase your visibility and recognition within your organization, thereby improving your chances for promotion

Assistance in Job Searching:

  • Recognize your unique value proposition and build a personal brand
  • Build an effective strategy to find the job/ role you want
  • Write an exceptional resume/ CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Ace your interviews with mock job interviews and role plays

Personal Development:

  • Identify your true potential and set your career goals
  • Find your calm by finding balance between life and work
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs, develop self-confidence and motivation
  • Reduce stress and anxiety around choosing a career/ searching for a job

Why is it important to find a career that is fulfilling and successful?

When you are thinking about a career path, you are talking about a span of 50-60 years. You spend more than three-quarters of your life in your profession or career. If you want to seek joy and fulfillment in your life, you need to be assured that you are on the right career path which gives you plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. Learn more…

Today the boundaries between work and life are becoming thin that if you are stressed out at work it will reflect in your personal life and vice versa. My clients have experienced problems in their family and relationships because they were not satisfied with their career path. Hence it is important to figure out what you are passionate about and what you enjoy doing.

When you have clarity on what is most important and what are your priorities, you will know clearly what to focus on and make better decisions in life.

You will be able to set your career goals and come out with an effective plan to achieve your goals.

Our holistic approach to career coaching will empower you to strike a healthy balance between professional and personal life. Book your introductory call for career coaching here.

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