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Sprint Vs Marathon

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You see life is all about making choices. A choice between running a sprint or a marathon.. If you want to run a sprint, you should work on your technique, if you want to run a marathon, you got to work on your endurance.

The analogy of life is whether you want to go fast as in a sprint or go far as in a marathon..

To go fast, you need to give it your all. The distance will be short and you can see where the finishing line is.. The run is so demanding that it will burn you out from looking beyond the finishing line. The win is worth celebrating but short term.

To go far, you need to conserve energy, endure the pain and keep going for long. You need to reserve your energy till end of the run. To do that, you should be okay to ignore people ahead of you and people who think you will not make it till the finishing line. You need to use your energy on what is worth and let go what is not.. Here you may not win, but you would have gone so far that you would have learned so much..

The preparations for both the runs are different. So if you choose to run a marathon, do not compare yourself with someone who has decided to run a sprint.

Life is about making choices. It is a sprint vs marathon? Is it about going faster vs going farther? Is it about winning a battle vs surviving a war? Is it about winning vs learning?

Neither is right or wrong. These are just choices you got to make. The sooner you decide, better the clarity on purpose of lifeā€¦.

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